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Sarahah App

We’ve all desired to inform our friends or perhaps our bosses approximately their annoying habits. but maximum folks don’t have the courage to do this face-to-face properly. There’s an app in order to let you deliver some complaint constructively. Sarahah app, created by using Saudi developer Zain Alabdin Tawfiq, has long past viral and lets in nameless messaging. but of course, the chance is that people will quickly start sending hateful texts to their friends, associates and that’s already going on with Sarahah.

The idea is so famous, Sarahah app becomes on top of Apple App shop in over 30 nations in July. The app has additionally become popular on Snapchat with humans linking their Sarahah profiles to Snapchat tales. in line with a BBC record, this has over three hundred million users already. So what’s this viral messaging app all approximately? We solution the whole thing you want to understand.

What’s Sarahah app?

sarahah app reveal
sarahah app reveal

“Sarahah enables people self-develop by way of receiving positive nameless remarks,” reads the apps description on Google Play save. interestingly, Sarahah manner ‘honesty’ in Arabic, though this honesty is delivered anonymously. The app is available in English in addition to Arabic for iOS and Android users.

So How Does Sarahah App Work?

Like any other app, once you’ve downloaded Sarahah, you’ll must set up an account. absolutely installed your username, name, electronic mail, and enter a password. This messaging app doesn’t require your mobile number, which makes experience given that is about anonymity.

once logged in, you could share your Sarahah link (it commonly reads on fb, Twitter, WhatsApp or reproduction the link and post it to a distinct social network. each person who has the hyperlink could be able to send you messages. this will be buddies, even strangers who are on the app or folks who are not even on the app.

For sending a message, a consumer has click on at the link, a good way to open a textual content field with a message, “leave a constructive message.” manifestly, the optimistic part is misplaced on maximum parents.  people can kind in their message and hit ship. while a consumer gets the message, they just get the text and don’t understand who sent this unique message.

What Else Does Sarahah Provide?

No, this isn’t a ordinary messaging app, and aside from sending random nameless messages to people it doesn’t provide a whole lot. The tabs at the app are restrained to Messages, seek, explore, and Profile. All received, sent and favored messages seem in ‘Messages’ tab. while you acquire a message you may favourite it or block the user or maybe file it. although what takes place after you file a message is uncertain.

Sarahah Application
Sarahah Application

The ‘preferred’ tab suggests messages in which you have tapped the heart symbol. sent indicates all of the ‘constructive’ criticism you’ve got been sending on the app.  in the meantime ‘search’ tab helps you to look for people to ship them nameless messages.  subsequent up, there’s an ‘discover’ tab which isn’t live but. “soon. this option may be available next update, be alert!,” reads the page. We’re no longer sure what the builders plan to do with this.


Eventually, the ‘Profile’ web page helps you to manage your profile. It suggests a consumer’s profile photo in conjunction with Sarahah username, and wide variety of messages obtained.

This app feels like a nightmare. What are the privacy options?

Sarahah is ideal territory for cyber bullying.  The hassle is that heading off some of the detest at the app isn’t smooth. you could file a message, block consumer but what takes place to people who send abusive messages is doubtful.

in addition you may move in the settings and disable the choice to ‘seem in search’. every other placing ensures that non-registered users can’t message you on the app. The big hassle is there’s no manner of understanding who’s sent you a message.

Sarahah Privacy Policy
Sarahah Privacy Policy

The app shows 4 icons below each message – a pink flag to file message, block icon, reply, and a heart icon to mark message as favorite. Don’t mistake the reply button for truely replying to the character, who sent you the message. reply, for a few weird purpose, lets you forward a message to friends through social media platforms along with fb, Messenger, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and greater.

Sarahah gives confined putting options as of now. even as there’s an option to Logout of the app, we couldn’t discover one to delete account at the app itself. To delete the account, you need to log into the website version of the messaging provider and go to settings to dispose of debts.

wherein Sarahah’s privateness coverage goes, the corporation says they gained’t disclose the identity of the logged-in senders to customers, except with their consent. So sure, if a person starts offevolved sending hateful messages or threats on the app, there’s no manner of understanding their identity.

So should you be the use of Sarahah?

Sarahah is masquerading as a a laugh app to let buddies or colleagues realize their tense public behavior. however this stuff can speedy spiral out of control. The net nevertheless remains a place which brings out the worst in people and with anonymous messaging there are grave risks connected.

Sarahah would possibly remind a number of apps like mystery, Whisper. The reality is that receiving rude messages will be a harrowing enjoy for maximum. while the app talks about giving ‘constructive remarks,’ consider even nameless messages have the energy to hurt.

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