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April Mop

When the date changes into 1st April, it signs that the joke day is started. April Mop or April Fool’s Day is celebrated in over the world. However, there are several varieties about the history of this jubilee.

1. April Mop on Crusade version

April mop is the winning day for the crusade army over the killed Muslims in Spain. They deceive all the Muslims although it is only a joke in the beginning. When 1st April comes, they spread the deceitful news that Spain will be released using a ship. However, when the Muslims enter the ship, they kill all of them.

2. April Mop in French Version

Paus Gregory XII
Paus Gregory XII

French starts to celebrate the April Fool’s Day since 1582. This country at that time is led by King Charles IX. Paus Gregory XII changes the calendar from 10 to 12 months in a year. They always celebrate their new year on 23 march until 1 april, then it changes into 1 january.  Actually, they oppose this decision and parts of them decide to keep celebrating this moment on 1 april. Their decision is often laughed by others and they are always given jokes. However, they always do the jokes every year. In 1782, their habit spreads into England and over the world.

3. April Mop in Roman Empire Version

Roman Empire Comedian
Roman Empire Comedian

Different with the notion from Joseph Boskin, he is a professor from Boston University.  He says that April Mop is from Roman Empire comedian. When it happens, that country is led by King Constantin I on 3 until 4 century.  The comedians make a petition to be a king of Roman only for a day. The king agrees with that petition and make a comedian namely Jeter as a king for aday. After that, 1 april is determined as an impossible day or April Mop.


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