5 Indonesian Foods You Should Try

Best Indonesian Foods : Shout out for you people who never try Indonesian foods before. You might have heard some people talked about how good it is. If you are wondering what kind of Indonesian foods that you should try, then may be this article will help you a bit. Here is the best five Indonesian foods for you to try :

1. Nasi Padang

Nasi Padang

Nasi Padang comes in many different kind of side dish. You can choose it based on your preference. Some example : rendang (beef with its special spice seasoning), some veggies, fried eggs and many more. You would love it at the first bite of it.

2. Ayam Penyet

Ayam Penyet

Once you heard the name, people will notice that this food is originally from Indonesia. Usually, restaurants offer this food with a plate of one piece of chicken either the breast or the thigh, white rice, slices of cucumber and chili paste. The chicken usually comes in fried chicken. As it gets more popular among the people, there are a lot of restaurants overseas who sell this Indonesian cuisine.

3.  Satay


One of the best foods from Indonesia is satay. They usually dice the meat, skew it and then they grill the meat. In Indonesia itself, the most popular satay comes in : chicken satay and lamb satay. But rabbit satay also quite popular in Indonesia. Overseas, they also sell Indonesian satay. But it is very rare of them to sell rabbit satay.

4. Soto


If you love soup or things like that, you would love soto as well. Soto is an Indonesian food which comes in some vegetables, sliced chicken or beef, noodle and rice noodle. You can choose which noodle you want to put in your soto. While eating the soto, people enjoy to eat it along with a plate of rice. The soup is tasty and you would like it at the first taste.

5. Pempek


Maybe not most people have already heard this kind of food. To make it more imaginable, we can call it a fish cake looked like. Pempek is made from fish and comes with its souce. The souce itself is very liquid. It is not like a condensed souce but it is best for you to try it because this is the only food that you cannot get besides from Indonesian cuisine restaurants.

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